Feb 11, 2014
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Winter Mornings || Cinderella & Timothy Mouse 


New land, new look, new royal-like get-up.

Timothy had been pulling on his ascot for quite a while now. Not only was he anxious to meet the royalty of the place so he could offer to spread the joy of the circus to their people, but he had forgotten why he hated to wear any sort of clothing around his neck, be it scarf, ascot, or tie. It felt as if he was either going to choke or someone was going to grab him by it at any given moment. Given his small size, he really shouldn’t have had to worry about most people (erm, other species) doing that to him.

Why bother about that when he didn’t know when to go in the castle or not? For a while, the Brooklyn native had been standing outside the gates in the cold, waiting for them to open up. It wasn’t until he noticed other mice on the inside that he had slipped through and started to explore. Timothy stuck close to the group, keeping his distance until they were all at the stables.

Even then, he held back from joining the main crowd until a human woman came with… food? He felt his stomach, which growled in reply. The mouse really couldn’t remember eating before and—Oh my god, she had cheese. He liked her already. Timothy scurried to pick up a piece and munch on it. He was about to swallow when the woman asked who he was.

Since he didn’t like talking with his mouth full, he swallowed before he greeted her. “Timothy,” he began. “I’ve come quite a ways ta be here, but guess I forgot how hungry I was til now.” Tim punctuated the statement with a light laugh before reaching to tip a hat that wasn’t there. The mouse had forgotten for a moment that he didn’t usually wear hats when visiting royalty.

     The princess let out a light chuckle as the mouse quickly swallowed down the piece of cheese he’d been nibbling on. He sure was a hungry little thing. “Timothy, well what a lovely name it is.” She replied in a warm tone. “And quite a handsome ensemble you have, too.”

     Cinderella knelt down nearer to the mouse’s level, before continuing the conversation. “Oh you have, have you? Well, we are quite pleased to have you at the castle. I do hope you’ll like it here. And please, help yourself to as much as you’d like.” She spoke, spreading another handful of cheese out in front of him. “Now, where is it you’ve traveled from?” She asked curiously.

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Jan 24, 2014
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Winter Mornings || Cinderella & Timothy Mouse 

Warm rays of light pierced through the thick, cold glass windows of the castle’s dining room, as the morning grew closer to breakfast time. Cinderella found herself in kitchen among the castle’s cooks and staff, putting together grains and vegetables for her animal friends out in the barn. A bowl of cheese bits topped off the basket off goodies. With that, she grabbed hold of its handle, slipped on her cloak, and headed for the royal stables.

The princess hummed a tune to herself as she happily strolled along the brick path in the brisk air to greet her animal friends with a sweet ‘good morning’. Upon her arrival, she started first with the horses and continued throughout the stables, feeding and bidding good morning to everyone there. Eventually, she came to Jaq, Gus, Mary, Perla, Suzy, and the other mice all eagerly awaiting her. “Well, hello everyone. Here you go.” She spoke in a sweet tone of voice coupled with a light grin. As she spread the cheese across the ground, she noticed a new face. “And who might you be?” Her smile still light and welcoming.

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Jan 19, 2014
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New Places || Cinderella & Mim  


The old hag smiled up at the newly presented princess. “Oh we should have tea together next time! How about at your place? A garden perhaps?” she suggested heavily. Certain there must be a fancy garden in the palace Cinderella was brought to.

All possible repercussions danced through Cinderella’s thoughts. Hosting the woman at the castle did mean a familiar atmosphere for her, as well as the protection of the palace guards. After a few split seconds of reasoning, she grinned the woman’s way once again. “A wonderful idea. Tea in the south gardens should be quite lovely this time of year. Shall we say noon then?”

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Jan 02, 2014
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Cinderella’s story at the Disney Princess site.

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Dec 30, 2013
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New Places || Cinderella & Mim  


Mim let out a brief yawn as she walked through the forest. Her old bones were feeling worn out from all the exercise she had put it through today. “Well I suppose so. But Would you mind meeting me again tomorrow? I have more things to find. “she said in a eerily cheerful voice. Her plans would have to be thought out carefully. “Unless you are trying to get rid of me. Don’t want to hang around a old woman.” 

The last thing Cinderella wished for Mim to think was that this was her attempt at getting rid of her… though for a part of her it was. She turned back over her left shoulder giving a small smile to the woman. “Of course I will. What time shall I meet you?”

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Dec 30, 2013
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This is not just an rp blog. 


This is an ask blog, as well. As in, come into my askbox, anon or not, and talk to my character. I am always open for conversation.


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Dec 04, 2013
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What a lovely day it is for a short stroll through the village!

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Nov 25, 2013
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Nov 18, 2013
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New Places || Cinderella & Mim  


As the young princess walked Mim followed behind her. She studied the girl’s posture closely as they walked through the woods. The old hag paused,pressing a finger to her chin as she glanced about. She was very familiar with these woods but it helped to appear a bit helpless. Young girls seemed to think old forgetful people were harmless. “I’m pretty sure it was this way.” she said in a unsure tone of voice. Her hand pointed shakily in the opposite direction they walked in. 

"It sure is getting a little too dark outside. We should really get you to your house!" Mim sighed , making her wrinkled face into a worried expression as she glanced up at Cinderella. 

Cinderella nodded compliantly, and began to hum to herself as she strolled down the path Mim had suggested. As the sun began to set faster, she started to worry they would not make it by dark. “I do hope we make it back soon.” She paused. “But what about you? Shouldn’t you be on your way home as well?” The princess added, hoping the elderly woman, in which she was still fairly unsure of, would be headed to her home as well, for if not, propriety would only allow for her to open her home.

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Nov 18, 2013
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